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A character played by Charles A Heger

Basic Edit

Name: "Zulu" (If this is his true name or not is unknown)

Race: Human, Vaulter (vault #72)

Faction: Legion, 137th (former E.Z.'s ambassador)

Special Items/Equipment: Kummeza and a [Redacted]

Background Edit

Past: Zulu grew up as a vault child, never knowing who his father was. His mother was a gypsy who taught Zulu's many tricks, one being tarot card reading. Around the age of fourteen, he was drafted into his vault's military.

An internal revolt over leadership erupted years later. The result: the old government lost and everyone invloved with it was thrown out into the world. The old government called itself E.Z. and then [Redacted].


An order from higher up gave orders for a squad to investigate the land North of headquarters. Zulu was in this squad as it's ambassador. Eventually this squad wandered on Greyfell and set up a temporary camp there. Then, just as quickly as E.Z. came, all but Zulu left, never to be seen again.

Rumors got around that now, in his possessions, Zulu has an untold amount of tabs. And that he acquired this wealth by murdering (nearly) everybody in his E.Z. squad while they slept.

Fall: Zulu stood over the corpse of a lone traveler. It wasn't the original plan to kill him, Zulu was just going to mug him at gun point like anyone else. That was until this stranger started to speak in a language he had heard once, back when he was in the vault, and then pulled out the largest jewel he had ever seen. It had a slight black tint to it, bigger than his own palm, and it seem to be calling his name, like it needed him to own it. That's when Zulu pulled out his gun and struck the stranger down. First thing he did was pick up the gem and hold it to the sun, he must have spent hours right there just gazing into the perfect cuts and carrots.

Months after the order from E.Z., Zulu seem to have taken residency in Greyfell. What his relationship to his former guild is unknown. Zulu has also gone missing for extended periods of time and have come back with supplies ranging from chems to weapons.

RECENT: Zulu has calmed down from his murdering days and has opened up a store called "The Trifht" which seems to sell everything but food. He has also beginning to get more into politics with talks of starting a government of some kind.

IC Posts Edit

The Zulu Chronicles

OOC Edit

First Session: Jan 20, 2015

Favorite Color: Orange

Disclaimer Edit Edit

Disclaimer: All info found in this wiki article is neither common knowledge nor usable IC. Your knowledge of Zulu as a player extends as far as what others have told you about her or what you've gathered from meeting him yourself. Don't use this information in game unless previously worked out with his player, Charles Heger.

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