Up-rooter was a named great forest spider that was revered as a holy guardian to a small village of tribal mutants in the Mid-Land area.

Biography Edit

When a giant spider approached a small village of tribal mutants in the Mid-lands, the villagers were initially very cautious, but prepared to fight. Seeing the villagers defending their home, the spider avoided the village, and moved into a nearby forest.

After a few years of little interaction between the spider and the villagers, they began fearing the spider would destroy their village, if they did not please it. After noticing the spider eating trees, the villagers began cutting down trees and offering them to the spider as gifts. Feeling that it should repay the villagers for their gifts, the giant spider treated the village as its home, and defended it with its life. The villagers took to calling the giant spider Up-rooter, due to the way it would knock over trees. The villagers continued to give felled trees to Up-rooter, and he defended the village from outside threats for several generations.

During the Legion's expansion through the Mid-Land region, one expeditionary group came across the village. Thinking the Legionaries were a threat, Up-rooter moved in between them and the village, and tried to scare them away. Fearing for their lives, the soldiers opened fire on Up-rooter, and killed him. The villagers, grief stricken at the loss of their guardian, and angry at his killers, charged the Legionaries. Unfortunately, the expeditionary group was forced to kill every charging villager, or be killed themselves.