"The Renegade strive to be the greater good in Greyfell, taking the moral high ground with all actions. We do our best to aid, shelter, provide and protect those in need. We are more than just a tribe, we are a movement of benevolance." Edit

Faction: Tribeling Edit

Size: Large, but dispersed around Greyfell Edit

Leader: No designated leader, instead a Council consisting of Terror, Nora, Aria, and Sparrow watch over the Tribe Edit

Founders: Elenora Lee Hale (Nora) , Atticus Brickith (Terror), Aria De Fierrie Edit

Members Edit

"Members have free will" Edit


Scott Sterling

Jack Amontillado (Spades)

Remmy (Agent 491)

Pricilliano Reyas-Sanchez (Price)





Jay Ventius



History Edit

Virtues Edit

Courage: I face my fear and defend my family and kindred from all dangers.

Renegade tag

Discipline: I do what is necessary and right of my own accord, without bribe or threat.

Fidelity: I am true to family, friends, kindred and those to whom I pledge my service.

Honor: I stand by my oaths and honor my ancestors by keeping my name pure among the kindred.

Hospitality: I share my hearth, food, and drink with my friends, my kindred, and the weary traveler at my door.

Industriousness: I take joy in labor and hold nothing back from the work I pledge to do.

Perseverance: I press on against all odds until my goal is met, the task is finished, and I have done all I said I will do.

Self-Reliance: I learn skills and grow strong so that I may earn my way in the world and be no burden to others.

Truth: I seek the truth even when it may be a hard truth; I speak true words or stand in silence; and I defend the truth from those who do not honor it.


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