The Dive was home to the first settlers of Greyfell. While not the first to be there they decided to make their home and living there.


Opening day at The Dive. From Left to Right: Logan, Dive, Naia , [redacted], and Zulu.

Located in a central area, The Dive was a tavern and guild led by Dive , a roaming info

rmation broker. While it's front side offered a weapons free bar area, the back side was where members of The Dive can relax or they could talk information with Dive himself.

The Dive recruited quite a few members before shuttering when Dive decided to make his way back to more profitable lands. The members went on to organize their own businesses and organizations. The bar itself changed hands a few times, eventually becoming Nora's Hospital and hosting a large population of Glowflower, before permanently shuttering it's doors due to said doors being burnt to the ground in the Fire of Greyfell.

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