Sullivan Bers, also known as "Egg-Head" is a mutant in the post apocalyptic wasteland who own a successful post service, and is credited as the first person to successfully tame Dire Pigeons.

Biography Edit

Sullivan grew up in a small farming town in the Kasm region. Through most of his early life, he had heard his parents complain about how long it would take to contact other nearby towns, and that the current courier service was too slow.

By the time Sullivan was in his late teens, he had come up with the idea to use Dire Pigeons as a solution to his parents' complaints. Many of his friends called him crazy for thinking that he could tame the large birds, let alone get them to deliver mail. Sullivan began spending hours out of his days observing and interacting with the pigeons. Because of this, people began referring to him as "Egg-Head".

After a week, Sullivan finally realized that Dire Pigeons were more intelligent than people realized, and tried interacting with the local flock as though they were people. The pigeons were surprised that someone was treating them like equals, rather than animals, and immediately gave Sullivan their full attention. Sullivan offered one a "job" to deliver a small package to a friend across town. When Sullivan offered the bird two tabs, the pigeon pulled the tabs from his hand, grabbed the package in its talons, and took off in the direction of Sullivan's friend's house, thus marking the first recorded delivery using a Dire Pigeon.

To this day, Sullivan Bers operates his own post service, using Dire Pigeons to deliver all manner of mail. He is estimated to have a net worth of several hundreds of thousands of tabs.

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