OOC Name: Noah Buel

IC Name: Sheriff Rosco Grimes Cooper

Nickname: "Sheriff" or *sigh*

Age: Old enough to receive cheek kisses

Race: Ghoul (missing his "situation")

Faction: Only Member of the Lonestars

Class: Blood Symbiote

Occupation: Trying to tell people he is sheriff of Greyfell

Birthplace: Deadwood

Overview Edit

Who is the Sheriff? Edit

The Sheriff is the sheriff of Greyfell. He works hard every day to make sure that all of his citizens are safe and sound. He is also the founder and leader of a group called the Lonestars. The Lonestars were created to help protect Greyfell, and have an authority figure that anyone could call upon for help. "But Sheriff Cooper" I hear you asking, "Why not just join one of the numerous groups around Greyfell that have the exact same goal in mind?" Well, there is a simple answer to that: There wasn't a group with a cowboy theme (also no one would immediately appoint me as leader, but that is different story). The Sheriff also has a special revolver at his side, Tres. It got its name from the fact that it has two drums, and (as everyone knows) tres is Mexican for two.

"admitted to be missing his 'situatuon'"

Biography Edit

Not much is known about the Sheriff, mainly because no one has bothered to ask.   

Personality Edit

S: Sheriff

H: Handsome

E: Entelligent

R: Role Model

I: Ifficient

F: Fantastic

F: Fun-Loving