A place where anyone can look up how many sessions a character has confirmed encase you lose your "character card".

If you need to find out what feats, class, race, or other details more personal about YOUR characters that you forgot, contact a mod.

Records (up to date as of Nov 30th)

Character Name Owner Stamp # Confirmed?
Ambrose Corie 5 Yes
Andrea Stoneglenn (Lieutenant, Ph. D) Megan Windsor 9 Yes
Arnold Black Bailey Wendt 9
Arsean Sabrina W 11 Yes
August Mike Craden 1 Yes
Asmodai Austin Blackburn 19 Yes
Atticus "Terror" Brickith Kenaniah McClaskey 19 Yes
Arreat (Corporal) Grace Stonner 9 Yes
AZ-00TH Patrick Higgins 2 Yes
Catherin Murden (??) ??? 2 Yes
Clank John Ray 1 Yes
Cleo Rachel 1 Yes
Connor Cross Jordin Walker 1 Yes
Corian Corian 6 Yes
Crow Joseph 1 Yes
Cypher Giddy Avery 2 Yes
Dahlia Brit Klian 2 Yes
Drako Boomer 5 Yes
Dary Brendon Webber 2 Yes
Desyc Devin Durbin 4 Yes
Dorian Castling (Corporal) Josh Lanz Yes
Drugzilla (Drusilla) Brooke Phillier 3 Yes
Francis Pancake Mathew Pancake 1 (??) Yes
Emile Johnson Trevor Greer 2 Yes
Enigma Chris Peabody 2 Yes
Echo Hull Anna Zacertnik 2 Yes
Ember Hull Emily Cole 2 Yes
Gallows Sam Kalton(??) 9 Yes
Iation Rendision Samuel Kennedy 2 Yes
Issac Smith Logan Sutton 5 Yes
Johnathon Buetelb Chris Pahlmann 2 Yes
Josef Bug Man ??? 3 Yes
"Joseph" Chris Parris 10 Yes
Jean Gambit Alex Bueltmann 4 Yes
Jorge St. Wolf (Private) Joseph Kane 9 Yes
Jesse Bishop (SPC) Chris Peabody 4 Yes
Kingston Parker ??? 4 Yes
Krank Daniel Flores 2 Yes
Kyn Boomer 4
Leg-A-Less Aaron Potts 10 Yes
Lehmann Clementine Ben Hardy 7 Yes
Logan Jeff Conway 6 Yes
Lokie Sabrina W 4 Yes
Krixus Chris Albertson 10 Yes
Madhatter Magino AJ Wilson 7 Yes
Manner Kalen-Mikal Grant 5 Yes
Marius Wil Spaeth 3 Yes
Markus Hank Jeff 19 Yes
Marty Kabe Chris Pahlmann 0 Yes
Mengele Z. , Doctor Kenneth Kincade 9 Yes
Mather Smith Jasoh died 4 Yes
Mew Joe 1 Yes
Mtume Chris Peabody 6 Yes
Nephilm Trae Diebold 2 Yes
Nollin Black Corey M. McClure 10 Yes
Nora (Elenora Lee Hale) Breelyn Karr 12 Yes
Orien Austin Kelsch 8 Yes
Phoenix Kenny B. 1 Yes
Posideon Benjamin Albertson 15 Yes
Polly Charles A. Heger 2 Yes
Raziel Luraz(?) Robert Rothhard 10
Reznob Jacob Tucker 2 Yes
Robin Keemer (Private) Andrew Preisack 3 Yes
Rosco G. Cooper (Sheriff) Noah Buel 10 Yes
Scratch, Doctor Logan Williams 1 Yes
Scrubs (?) Zach 8 Yes
Scry Alex Grant 3 Yes
Sigma, Agent Jason Walker 1 Yes
Styrider Jeffery Albertson 17 Yes
Solest Daniel Flores 14 Yes
Soul Hunter Tim Fletcher 7 Yes
Sparkus ??? 2 Yes
Skorn Jordan Baner 2 Yes
Scott Sterling Grant Kaltonentach 3 Yes
Therrak (Private) Alan Preston 2 Yes
Thistel Tessa Narman 6 Yes
Thomas Cooper (Corporal) Robert Stonner 3 Yes
Trask Boomer 7 Yes
Wendigo Erik Tussey 3 Yes
Wilson Payne Cal Dummerth 12 Yes
Wulf Noah Angeles 3 Yes
Xander Steelskin Alex Fuegner 8 Yes
Zulu Charles A Heger 14 Yes
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