Mental Compulsion- (4pt) Command the target to complete one task. Target must try to complete the task to the best of their ability. The compulsion lasts until the task is complete, the target is KOed, or  after 5 min the effect wears off. Task cannot cause harm to target (Cannot command to kill self) but can be used to place target in direct harm (attack this group). This tech cannot be thrown and must be held against players shoulder. This tech is not reusable and can only be activated once per session per tech (if you carry 2 you can activate each one once throughout the session)

Disguise - (5pt) put a bandanna around your head with the name of the person you wish to impersonate. For ten minutes (or untill you take the bandanna off) everyone will think you look and sound like that person (Non-reuseable, once per session per tech).

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