"There comes a time in every mans life where he must fight. Even Pacifist can't be spelled without the word fist"

Race: Mutant

Class: (I sure hope you know, but just in case, it's Medic)

Faction: Works with Nuked but none yet

Cult: None yet

Player: Alex

Dufrein was born a Mutant in a Mutant encampment. When he was first able to speak, his parents taught him in the ways of a Doctor. Halfway through his training, his parents realized they had been infected with an unknown terminal illness. They didn't tell Dufrein, knowing it would cause his training to slow. Once he had finished training, they decided to share the information with him.

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Medical Officer Dufrein was born a Mutant.  His parents were doctors when he was a child.  Since they were dying, they decided it would be best to teach him how to be a good Medic as the encampment would need one.  After he was fully trained, his parents then revealed to him that they were sick and dying.  No matter how much medical operation they could perform, they would still get sick and start dying again.  He attempted to heal them, and in turn, harmed them.  They then only had 3 days left to live.  He had decided that he had done enough, and left the Mutant encampment in search of a pace to find some sort of a cure.  Failing to find a cure in time, he searched for a way to bring them back.  He failed in doing so once more.  From then on, he made a solid vow to only allow the Evil men of this world to die.  As he continued journeying, he kept hearing stories of a place.  Greyfell.  People had said it was a place of danger, but it was also referred to as a place of new journeys.  Second chances.  Some though, had said that this was a terrible place that only a fool, or a completely insane genius would go to.  Guess which one he was (Probably the first with the slightest bit of the second).  Still a teenager that had never swung a sword or fired a gun, he traveled to this mystical place, armed with only his medical gear and 15 tabs.