Name: Marius

Race: Human

Guild: Grandpa Logan’s Roughnecks

Class: Tech Wiz

Originally from a Vault in the Central Wastes, Marius was pushed out the door at 18 by the ruling council, sent as a scout to determine whether the Wastes were inhabitable or not. Driven mad by the harshness of the Wastes, Marius never returned to the Vault, instead wandering the Wastes for a year before stumbling upon his first contract as a bounty hunter, giving him purpose in life and restoring some of his sanity, but leaving him still cynical, sarcastic, and darkly humored.

Now 23 and having ended up in Kasm, Marius had a rather successful bounty hunting business going for him prior to receiving a contract for a very substantial bounty, via dead drop, to take out a Legion Captain, a Bandit King, and a Trader in a little town in the middle of nowhere named Greyfell. His initial attempt at taking out the Trader met with failure, and Marius found himself tied up in the local bar. Somehow, everyone has forgotten about this, and Marius is now fully integrated into the community.

Marius is a man desperate to find something to believe in. Hailing from a highly religious community, his encounter with the Wastes left him cynical and unable to believe in the benevolent god he was taught of as a child. Occasionally, though, his original bright personality breaks through, and he can be downright pleasant. Having found his purpose as a bounty hunter keeps him from losing his grip on himself again, but for there to ever be true stability to him, he needs to find a higher power to believe in again. 

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