Small Map

The city where sessions of Fall of Man take place. (Located at the "X" on the picture to the right)

Population: 50-100 people

History Edit

No one quite knows what happen to the old inhabitants of this small town. As far as any human, ghoul, or mutant knows, it has always been a ghost town. Empty buildings left uncared for, for years. Rumors spread about this town being cursed, that hundreds of ghosts were roaming around moaning.

These stories always made your average wander never stay long. It was just a place to rest during the day, but you better leave before night or who knows what could happen to you.

In the fall of 2324 a few nomads and grifters were brave enough to try to make a home there. They gave the town its name, and before long word spread that Greyfell was a new haven for those who wanted a fresh start, or a place to lay low. It was only a matter of time before The Legion caught wind of this, and sent out a scouting party to investigate.

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