Tupper (Reaper + Tuck) Edit

"He reached out, caressing her beautiful face. He knew it was wrong; he was a married man, and his wife was NOT the kind of person that it paid to cross. But he couldn't stop himself. Something in her drew him on. She was wonderful. Not the spontaneous spitfire that his wife was, but the settled and mature older woman. She was something that he never knew he needed. As he leaned in, he heard her say, 'Reaper, you're what I need right now. I have had a terrible time taking care of my nephew, and a young gun like you with all of the vigor of youth is what will get me through this dark time.'

He stopped, and smiled. 'Tuck,' he said, 'tonight is for us.' "

Soul Hunter jerked awake from his revere. The Dark Pantheon had sent him many visions throughout the years. Some were of distant places, others were the future, and still more were of divergent paths that would never come to be. He hoped that the gods would never again force him to experience such a vile thing. To think! They had placed him inside of Reaper's head!

And yet, the Child of Father Night thought as he drifted back into his meditations, they did make such a nice couple...

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