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Fall of Man is a post apocalyptic themed LARP group set in the year 2327 of that uses mostly Nerf brand weapons, focused on the interaction of players from various factions - Grifters, Nomads, Pilgrims and more - in an environment where the players determine the story.

This is the Official Wiki of Fall of Man.

Important Message from the Lore Council.

"Although i greatly admire and appreciate all the player lore that is being presented, I'd like to request a pause to its activity as i have a board currently working on an actual lore book. If you'd like to post anything lore related, please just send it to me first so i can confirm it doesn't conflict with anything. The last thing i want is for your stories to not be canon. And as always, feel free to shoot me questions and ideas. smile emoticon." -Sabrina Ward

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The IVDS is a compilation of all knowledge gathered about the history of humanity and it's subsidiaries.

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