The long term goal of Fall of Man Tabletop RPG (will now be refered to as Fomt) is to creat a brand new tabletop rpg system set in the original creative world of "Fall Of Man". This writer plans on having it printed on a books and sold to the masses. Odds are kickstarter will be involved to get printed books to sell, if that fails then this writer will release what he has online for free.

This is also a collaberated work.with friends. The original Lore and world creation are not mine but I, and many more, have the creativity to add to their world.

In the finish version will be: everything needed to create an extremly unique ghoul, muntant, or human character, original combat system, list of beast/creatures to interact with (dogs, man sized spiders, geneticly altered sharks, etc.), the Lore and knowledge needed to play within the region of Kasm and its neighboring ocean, and finally a few campain and story ideas to help get you started.

There is no release date set.

Donations are not being accepted at this point in time.

August 1, 2015 - v 0.1 Edit

What`s done:

  • An original basic core combat (ranged and melee) created based on statistical probability
  • "Skill" system created based on time and background
    • 195 skills ideas creatd so far to choose from (plus most offering mastering into)
  • Basic information needed to create a "blank" Human and Ghoul
    • Note: Mutants are so well diversified that they will be added later once all "core mechanics" have been created.

Next Near Goals:

  • Flesh out and trim down skills
  • Flesh out Core combat