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((From Fall of Man Rules 2.0))

A medic is any Human or Mutant that is trained in the  practice of medicine. They can help anyone they choose, or specific members of their guild.

A medic can treat KO'd characters by placing a hand on their shoulder to revive them before their KO timer runs out. Reviving a KO’d character takes 60 seconds, and restores them to full HP and fully healthy limbs. If a player has to cease healing at any time within their heal timer, the heal timer will reset when they return.

A medic can heal damaged limbs or individual HP to characters that are not KO’d. Restoring a limb or 1 HP takes 15 seconds per HP or limb.

Medics can treat themselves as long as they have at least one arm to use and are not KO’d.

Two medics may treat a single KO'd character to revive them in 30 seconds, but if one leaves, the count returns to 60.

Medics can only wear 1 point armor and limb armor and are limited to carrying only three weapons.

All medics must wear a red armband, and carry some sort of bag to represent their medical gear.

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