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There is no real distinction between pre-war humans and the humans after the Fall of Man. Their technology is fairly similar to what it was in 2020, since the following 300 years set humanity back quite a bit. Humans are the least resilient but most intelligent of the races in Kasm.

They retained the most of human knowledge from before the End War by bringing their books and technology into underground vaults with them. They are more adept with guns but are not as good at surviving on the surface as mutants or ghouls.

Every few months, humans must inject themselves with RadX, an enzyme that helps fight off radiation. Without this medicine, they risk quickly dying to the background radiation of the surface wasteland. Humans are the most populous race on Earth and are struggling to keep their way of life alive.

Humans are sometimes too busy being fascinated by mutants and ghouls to be racist, while others are extremists who believe that the other races are dangerous freaks and vermin and will kill them on sight.

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