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Fore Light Weight Uniform.jpg

Character name: Fore, Agent 491, Agent, aka Allen 

Race: Human

Faction: Grifter

Guild: The Family

His Story-

Agent 491 doesn't really know what his "Previous life" was like, all he knows from the past is that his name was once Allen, from records he found on a table. Also the fact that he was a Marine for the military, but there is no "military" there are these Legionnaires which are kind of like the military he once knew. Agent 491 was retested on his skills of combat, then was assigned a platoon. One day the Legionnaires sent Agent and his platoon out for supplies but none of that platoon came back to base. They were ambushed by Ghouls, Agent 491 watched his men die as he tried to fight back. They were relentless and wouldn't back down, he killed one with no hesitation...bullet by bullet, not wasting a single round. Agent went AWOL that day and became a Grifter. Agent 491 does not like anyone, or any THING, that is not human. Although if needed to survive he would help out a mutant, since they know the land better than he does. He also doesn't know what year it is....


Primary: Assault Rifle- Demo II- Longshot

Sidearm: Revolver- 6 Gun- Maverick

Secondary: Shotgun- Last Stand- Roughcut


Head: Gas mask

Torso: backpack full of gear, Punisher t-shirt, shoulder pad armor, and fingerless gloves

Legs: ripped pants and some boots